Verdant plants; glossy pinks; marbled teals and an entire aura of stained glass windows: London restaurants truly excel when it comes to photogenic settings and delicious dishes to match. 

You’d be able to eat an entire rainbow’s worth of fancy restaurants across the capital city if you so wished, but we’ve put together our favourites for every occasion. 

Looking for a vibrant date night, multicoloured bottomless brunch or stunningly-hued afternoon tea? Read on for our best picks.

1. EL&N: Best Pink Restaurant in London


EL&N cafe takes the notion of millennial pink and steps it up a notch, with a dazzlingly rose, fuchsia and baby pink setting accompanied only by equally suave marble accents. Everything about EL&N is beautiful: from its exterior that you’ll spend more than a few moments capturing photos of, to the delicious dishes that are just as photogenic as their setting. 

Pretty-in-pink cakes, incredibly vibrant drinks and a mouthwatering all-day brunch menu ensures that one visit to EL&N quickly turns into repeat trips whenever you happen to be in the area.

2. Circolo Popolare: Best Colourful Italian Restaurant in London


Bringing together Italian culture with a healthy dose of energy, Circolo Popolare is home to London’s famous cheese wheel that you’ll almost definitely have spotted on social media. Dishes here don’t come in halves: expect huge portions that sit themselves down at the table like a delicious challenge, made using creative ingredients that evolve traditional Italian cooking. 

And let’s take a minute to talk about Circolo Popolare’s dazzling decor: a rainbow of flowers, patterns, bottles and plants come at you in every direction. It’s an explosion for the senses.

3. The Ivy Soho Brasserie: Best Colourful Restaurant in Central London

Colourful artworks, onyx countertops and marble-edged mirrors are just some of the features you’ll be attracted to as soon as you walk through the doors at The Ivy Soho Brasserie. Undoubtedly one of London’s coolest restaurants for anyone looking for a snazzy night of eating and drinking, The Ivy’s Soho branch is spacious and vibrant with an energetic vibe that perfectly matches its extensive menu. 

If you’re looking for a chilled evening then The Ivy Soho is probably best avoided. But if you’re looking to finish your dinner with an exotic cocktail in one hand and an endless iPhone-led Google search for your new favourite artists spotted on each wall in the other, it’s definitely the place to be.

4. Amazonico: Best Colourful Brazilian Restaurant in London


You’d expect Brazilian food in London to be served in an exotic location and Amazonico promises just that. This central London spot sits in the heart of Mayfair and is just as plant-covered, velvet-adorned and smokily-scented as you’d anticipate. Amazonico is a feast for your eyes, ears, nose and mouth with its rainforest-inspired lush greenery, rainbow-scented cocktails, perfectly cooked dishes and array of live music. 

The colourful decor here serves not only as a conversation starter but also the start of Pinterest boards and photo snapping. The best part? Much of Amazonico is made from natural materials designed by internationally renowned artist Lázaro Rosa-Violan.

5. Dalloway Terrace: Best Colourful Restaurant in London with Vegan Menu


It’s time for London’s vegan crowd to unite, in one of London’s most colourful restaurants with a very famous terrace. Dalloway Terrace is a constant surprise thanks to its ever-changing interiors, edited to match the season as the year passes by. 

Sit back here for a quick spot of lunch – taken from the standard or vegan-specific menu – and gaze around you at floral walls, autumn leaves, wild foliage and bursts of laughter. With plenty of healthy options as well as its aforementioned vegan menu, Dalloway Terrace is a perfectly situated dinner option right in the centre of the capital city.

6. The Ivy Asia: Best Colourful Date Night Restaurant in London


Fancy date night on the cards? It’s time to head to The Ivy Asia. Here, you’ll spend just as much time admiring the colourful setting around you as you will staring into the eyes of your other half. 

Asian-inspired cuisine and Japanese cherry blossom make up just some of the many talking points here, along with the trippy coloured flooring, unique cocktails and ever-changing entertainment. One of the joys of this spot is simply wandering around and taking in the interiors, before digging into dim sum, sushi, crab and plenty of other incredible options.

7. Gloria: Best Colourful Restaurant in London with Killer Cocktails


If Gloria was a person she’d be that crazy friend who demands attention as soon as she walks through the door. It’s almost impossible to describe this Italian restaurant’s huge personality, which ensures you leave with a huge grin on your face and the promise of a return visit. The sister restaurant to Circolo Popolare, Gloria is dazzling with blood orange cocktails, sizzling melted cheese, perfectly al dente pasta and plants in every direction. 

Sit yourself back on the brightly coloured striped sofas, spend a few minutes taking in the Italian vibes around you before feasting on as much Italian food as you can reasonably fit in your stomach. And then a little more.

8. Flight Club Shoreditch: Best Colourful Restaurant in London for a Group Day Out


You’ll never get bored at Flight Club. And even if you turn up feeling not particularly hungry, the beauty of this place ensures you’ll be more than happy to dig into dinner once you’ve worked your way through a round of darts. 

A perfect spot in London for dinner with friends or spontaneous date night, Flight Club has multiple venues across the city and all are home to a buzzing energy and colourful interiors to match. Food comes in the form of street food dishes inspired from across the world, while drinks are served in kitsch striped paper cups with cutesy straws.

9. Tonight Josephine: Best Colourful Restaurant in London for Bottomless Brunch


Tonight Josephine might be more of a drinking venue than a food venue but its neon lights, pink walls and sparkling backdrops make it a worthwhile addition anyway. The cocktails might be the star of the show here – and you’ll definitely snap more than a few photos against the London skyline – but the bottomless Afternoon Tea makes Tonight Josephine a more than worthwhile restaurant contender, too. 

Come for brunch to enjoy banging burgers and bottomless Prosecco, or arrive just for drinks before inevitably giving in to eating too, when the delicious smells waft over from the next table.

10. Ballie Ballerson: Best Colourful Restaurant in London for a Group Night Out

Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch LONDON MOBILE 2

Is there a more perfect combination than pizza and cocktails? Throw in an adult-friendly ball pit and a brilliant soundtrack and you’ve got yourself an afternoon at Ballie Ballerson. A relative newcomer in the London restaurant world, Ballie Ballerson is almost overwhelming from its entry point. 

Think thousands of plastic balls, strobe lights, sizzling hot pizza and fresh, mouthwatering cocktails and you’ve got a slight idea of exactly what Ballie Ballerson entails. If you’re looking for a great London restaurant for an evening with friends, there’s no better place to start your night than here.

11. The Coral Room: Best Colourful Restaurant in London for Afternoon Tea


The Coral Room sits in stylish Soho: a deep, dark red room complete with stained glass and palm leaves in every direction. Set inside the Bloomsbury Hotel, The Coral Room is beautifully extra. Cocktails here come in all shapes and sizes and most contrast incredibly against the stunning backdrop. 

One of the best places in London for afternoon tea, The Coral Room is suave and sophisticated, classy and contrasting, delicious and decadent. It’s the type of place you’ll save up visiting until a special occasion…and then immediately find more “special occasions” to visit shortly again afterwards. Like days of the week that end in “Y”.

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