6 Places to Eat & Drink in Camden

There’s loads of places to eat and drink in Camden but here are six of our favourites. You can expect Camden’s best waffles, juices & halloumi fries.

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1. Camden's Juice Junkez

These are freshly prepared juices inside a fruit of your choosing; we tried a few flavours but the pineapple one got the majority vote as the favourite. We couldn’t believe the attention this drink got as we were walking up and down the market, we were stopped about 40 times asking where to find one and rightly so because they were amazing. These juices are currently non-alcoholic but they are soon to be releasing an alcoholic version which we’re so excited to go back and try. Juice Junkez are probably one of the healthiest places to eat & drink in Camden on our list.

Juice Junkez Camden 1

2. Camden's Bubblemania

This bright purple waffle stall is situated right outside Camden Lock station (you can’t miss it) so if you have a sweet tooth then this is a must place to eat at when you visit Camden. Not only do these giant fluffy waffles look amazing for photos but they taste just as amazing too. It was a hard decision to make when choosing which one to get, it was a toss up between Oreo, Biscoff and Nutella but we went with a classic favourite of Nutella and strawberries and we enjoyed every mouthful! 

Bubblemania Camden1

3. The Cheese Wheel

This is a little food stall right in the middle of the food market where they cook your pasta right in front of you in this giant cheese wheel, we collectively agreed that this was one of the tastiest pastas we’ve tried in Camden so we definitely recommend!

The Cheese Wheel Camden 1

4. Hans & Gretel

“A fairytale place for the child inside us all” – This is a fairytale inspired sweet shop which sells the most indulgent sweet treats; they have a huge pic and mix wall where you can fill up a bag or you can treat yourself to a fancy ice cream cone wrapped with candy floss and sprinkled with hundreds of thousands, topped with sweets. The entire store feels magical from the moment you step inside which makes it the perfect place to take your children.

Hans & Gretel Camden 1

5. Temple of Boba

This year bubble tea has really taken off, we weren’t sure what all the hype was about but now we’ve tried it, we’re equally as obsessed! If you haven’t already tried a bubble juice then you need to head down to Buck Market (situated in Camden Market) and jump on the craze! The bubbles in the bottom fit through the straw as you drink and they pop in your mouth filled with juice, it sounds super weird but it’s so tasty! We can’t wait to go back and try out all the other flavours. If you need inspiration then ask for a mango & passionfruit with medium sweetness, you will not regret it!

Temple of Boba Camden 1

6. Oli Baba's Halloumi Fries

The original creators of the halloumi fries – You definitely need to try these if you’re in Camden; gorgeous, crispy, golden halloumi topped with yoghurt, pomegranate seeds and delicious seasoning, 5/5 from us here at eeep! and probably one of our favourite places to eat & drink in Camden.

Oli Babas Halloumi Fries Camden 1

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