The Best Bars In Bali For Bintang On The Beach And Sangria In The Sunshine

Alternative Beach

There’s a perpetual competition on the Island of the Gods to be crowned one of Bali’s best bars.

Where to find the best bars in Bali? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. As well as showing off with a ridiculously impressive number of sandy beaches, stunning mountains and endless jungles, Bali’s also home to plenty of great places to grab a drink.

Feel like laying back in the sunshine with the waves tickling your toes? Visit one of Bali’s best beach clubs. Looking for a fancy evening to wear your best clothes and sip Champagne? We’ve also lined up a few places for that. 

Or, if you’re looking for a casual beer on the beach, an infinity pool to lie back in or something else, we’ve picked out our favourite places for those, too. Read on for all of the best bars in Bali. 

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The best bars in Bali - Canggu

Canggu might not be home to Bali’s best beaches (we’d head down south to Uluwatu for those) but what it lacks in white sand it makes up for with black sand and some of Bali’s coolest beach clubs. 

Many of these spots are famed for their day to night approaches. You’ll turn up in the afternoon and before you know it, you’ll find yourself dancing the night away.

Finn’s calls itself “the world’s best beach club” and we’d definitely agree that it’s one of the best. Set in the heart of Canggu overlooking Berawa beach, it’s a hugely popular spot thanks to its live DJ sets, excellent cocktails and perpetual buzzing atmosphere. It’s home to two restaurants, five bars and two pools with a variety of seating options depending on budget.

The Lawn is known best for its Friday night parties with great cocktail deals and evenings that begin with sunset views and end after midnight. This almost entirely outdoor bar is home to a huge green space and it can get pretty lively. Expect great DJs and to bump into anyone else you may know in Canggu.

La Brisa’s beautiful boho decor sits on the edge of Echo Beach and it’s a brilliant place to watch the surfers with a drink in hand. Come along any day of the week to make yourself comfortable around the swimming pools. Or visit on Sunday for the popular farmer’s market. Occasionally, this beach club and restaurant puts on night time events, which always sell out quickly.

Alternative Beach

The large, angular pool complete with slide and cheap drinks deals makes Alternative Beach a perpetually busy part of Canggu. Part hostel, part hotel and part daytime hangout spot, there’s always a large crowd of backpackers at Alternative Beach. If you’re looking to make friends and meet new people in Canggu in a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to go.

The best bars in Bali - Seminyak

Most people will agree that Seminyak’s beaches are a little nicer than Canggu’s, and the clubs here have a different vibe as well. The best bars in Seminyak fit perfectly in the middle with a range of classy beach clubs, laidback sunset bars and refined designs throughout. 

When Bali’s at its busiest point of the tourism year, the Seminyak crowd is usually slightly older than in Canggu. Drinks tend to be a little more expensive but that doesn’t really matter – unless you’re planning on enjoying a lot of them.

You’ll spot La Plancha’s vibrant umbrellas before you spot the beach bar itself. Set right on Seminyak beach, La Plancha is relaxed and low key. It’s a place you’ll be just as welcomed turning up barefoot fresh out the sea as you will be dressed to the nines. Expect to get a little sandy here – but that’s all part of the fun.

Perched at the top of Seminyak, in Petitenget, is Mano Beach House. The beauty of this place is how versatile it is, with just as many tourists turning up to sip on cold coconut and read a new book as there are those turning up to drink a cocktail or two. This beautiful beach club isn’t quite as popular as its Canggu neighbours, which makes it ideal for those who don’t want to plan too far ahead or worry about not having room to chill.

Mrs Sippy was practically designed for pool parties. Like its name and its crowd suggests, people come here to have fun and to drink. There’s a spacious, bright blue pool with palm trees dotted around and a five metre diving board for those looking to – literally – take their fun to the next level. When the sun’s shining, there aren’t many places better to spend a day in Seminyak than Mrs Sippy.

Electronic music fanatics will likely already have Potato Head on their personal Bali map thanks to DJs like Peggy Gou, who’ve often played there. But Potato Head isn’t just about DJ sets (although it does those very well). It’s also home to a brilliant vegan restaurant and on-site accommodation. Come here to check out the unique decor, stay for the spectacular sunset views.

The best bars in Bali - Uluwatu

Unbeatable sunset views, white sand beaches, spectacular cliff tops and a relaxed pace of life means drinking in Uluwatu is generally pretty chilled. Beach bars here really are the epitome of Bali holiday lifestyle, where you’ll want nothing more than to throw on your favourite sunglasses and grab a drink. Uluwatu is often a little more expensive than its northern neighbours but, when you throw in the beautiful views, it’s still a good deal.

Palmilla is only a stone’s throw from Melasti Beach, which means you’ll get the same huge cliff top view but from the luxury of a beach club instead. This stunning spot is open all day long so, if you’re looking for a relaxed day in Uluwatu, you can turn up for breakfast, take a dip in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean and spend your afternoon tanning on a sunbed here.

Sunday's Beach Club

Those dreamy, relaxing, lazy Sundays? That’s basically what you’ll find at Sunday’s Beach Club, every day of the week. Set right at the bottom of Uluwatu in Ungasan, it’s home to waterfront dining, tanning and drinking. Crystal clear waters and stunning cliff top backdrops are two of the most popular reasons why people come to Sunday’s Beach Club. The fresh seafood and great drinks are the other two.

Savaya used to be known as Omnia and is arguably the most luxe beach bar across the entire island. Prices here are high but come with impeccable service and an opportunity to get dressed up. If you see your favourite DJ is heading to Bali, this is likely where they’ll be playing. It’s a place to sip drinks with your friends overlooking the Indian Ocean and, when it gets dark, head to the dance floor.


Mana does things a little differently in Uluwatu. Rather than being down on the beach, it’s tucked away in the cliffs, which means wonderful views overlooking the ocean and not a grain of sand in sight. You’ll often see digital nomads working here (we’d recommend it as a great spot for working in Bali, too) but its cocktail menu means it would be a shame to stick just to coffee. Prices are reasonable and service is so friendly it’ll make you feel like you’ve made a new BFF.

The other best bars in Bali

It doesn’t really matter which corner of Bali you find yourself in: this island has beautiful pool bars and stylish beach clubs all over. Some of our other favourite spots don’t quite fall into the most popular neighbourhoods above, but we thought we’d include them below anyway!

Contrary to its name, you’ll find less rockstars and more expensive champagne at Rock Bar. This famous bar sits inside the prestigious Ayana Resort but, even if you haven’t checked in there for a luxury stay, you’re still welcome to check out Rock Bar just for the day. This stunning bar sits out in the ocean, a prestigious chunk of delicate lighting and ocean views a walk away from the mainland. If you’re looking for some of the best fancy cocktails in Bali, Rock Bar is the place to go.

Nusa Ceningan is home to a few different beach clubs but Le Pirate is our favourite. It’s also a great place to stay in Nusa Ceningan, with picturesque beach huts and a wide pool just calling out for you to dip your toes in. Drinks on the Nusa islands are generally cheaper than on mainland Bali and Le Pirate’s are so delicious that you’ll want to make the most of that fact. 

It doesn’t matter which angle you admire Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar from – they’re all equally incredible. This multi-level infinity pool was inspired by the waves of Ubud’s rice fields and overlooks nothing but endless jungle. Part of the luxurious Kayon Jungle Resort, this Bali day club is a photo opportunity in every sense of the word. Once you’ve snapped a few photos of your drink, you’ll want to take another few of this breathtaking location.

Jungle Fish Pool Bar has one of the longest infinity pools in Bali, set to the backdrop of the jungle deep in the heart of Ubud. Attached to the Chapung Sebali Resort and Spa, it’s a beautiful spot with an open-air, split-level restaurant and stylish decor wherever you look. The pool is magnificent (and a great place to enjoy a drink) but it’s the wonderful food here that you’ll find yourself repeatedly mentioning.

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