The Best Restaurants in Dubai

Mama zonia

As you might expect from a city with as much prestige as this one, the best restaurants in Dubai go all out when it comes to impressive backdrops and stunning interiors. Home to beautiful beach clubs, cute cafes, innovative restaurants and more, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to dining in the UAE’s coolest city.

Restaurants here cater for all kinds of diners, from those looking for a budget friendly meal to those in the mood for some especially fine dining. Vegan, gluten intolerant or something else? Most restaurants in Dubai have something to offer for all of the above, and plenty of the best Dubai restaurants can cater especially for all diets.

Not sure where to start? Read on for all of the best restaurants in Dubai.

The best restaurants in Dubai for brunch


Praia is suave and stylish, a place to go to firmly cement the understanding that you’re dining in Dubai. A restaurant where you’ll never look out of place wearing your nicest outfit, Praia is great for all kinds of special occasions or fancy mid morning brunches. 

It’s kind of a jack of all trades, with a large pool for when the sunshine beats down too strongly, and plenty of beautifully decorated shaded areas if you’re just looking for some great food and a good chat. Its views, overlooking the Dubai skyline, come alive in the evenings. But you’ll appreciate them almost as much in the daytime, too.

Tania's Teahouse

Delightfully pink and deliciously varied, Tania’s Teahouse is one of Dubai’s best brunch spots if you’re looking for food that’s almost too good to eat. Dishes here are served with a smile, on kitsch plates and with extra special touches that just add to the experience. 

While it’s wonderful for brunch, Tania’s Teahouse also serves up plenty of other options, including a wide range of specialty flavoured teas, coffees and decadent desserts. As well as being vegetarian friendly, it’s also got loads of vegan and gluten free options. Come for the reputation, stay for the atmosphere.

Tania's teahouse Dubai


Missippi’s offers brunch, holiday style. Ideal for those looking to bask in the sunshine while digging into a meal, Missippi’s is home to a pool bar and stunning views, with communal seating that’s great for larger groups. 

It’s the type of place where you’ll show up for food and end up spending half the day there, with a pool that you’ll almost definitely have to dive into before you leave. Ended up staying until late in the afternoon? Brunch paves the way for live DJs, zingy cocktails and a buzzing atmosphere. Especially on weekends.


The clue’s in the name as to what you’ll find at Brunch&Cake. A popular spot for anyone with a sweet tooth, this cute cafe comes adorned with greenery in a minimal setting. It’s a perfect spot for catching up with friends or remote working, thanks to its central location and seriously varied menu. 

As you might expect, the cakes are the star of the show at this Dubai brunch spot, with a colourful variety that you’ll find yourself thinking deeply about long after you’ve taken your final bite.

The best restaurants in Dubai for date night


Coya Dubai

Even if you’re not usually a couple to pose for photos, you’ll want to snap a few at Dubai’s Coya. This stunning Peruvian restaurant has branches all over the world but, in true Dubai form, the most impressive one happens to be right here. 

The menu here is vibrant and colourful, an artfully arranged selection of South American goodness that caters to all kinds of tastes. Once you’ve finished your food and completed your inevitable photo taking session, spend some time at the innovative Pisco bar and lounge, where you can sample exquisite Peruvian cocktails in an equally gorgeous setting.


Come to Bagatelle if you’re looking for a midpoint date night between a casual, homey chance to spend time together and a beautiful setting with incredible food. Bagatelle easily fuses the gap between the two, incorporating welcoming French and European food in a friendly setting with true attention to detail. 

A popular spot for expats in Dubai, Bagatelle’s romantic lighting and background music ensures a magical time whichever day of the week you visit. Not sure what to order on the menu? The seafood always goes down well, served in large portions and perfectly cooked each and every time.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that STK serves steak. But not just any steak: STK serves some of the best steak in Dubai, cooked to mouthwatering perfection and served with enough sides that you won’t really know where to start. This classy restaurant doesn’t do things by halves, which means stylish interiors and hefty helpings of beef served in plenty of different ways. 

If you’re looking for a quiet catch up, it may be one to skip: the atmosphere here is just as lively, with great entertainment, dance performances, saxophonists and singers taking turns running the show at STK.

The Galliard

Turkish cuisine really comes to life at The Galliard, served up in combinations so memorable you’ll seriously consider coming back to Dubai to try it all again. Everything about this spot was designed for a perfect romantic date night, with its backdrop of the Burj Khalifa and dazzlingly delicious meals that you’ll just keep on ordering. 

It’s hard to pinpoint what’s the best on the menu here, but the desserts deserve a special mention. And then there’s the backdrop if you’re eating inside – filled with chrome linings, beautiful glassware and endless amounts of greenery. It’s a real treat wherever you dine here.

The best restaurants in Dubai for dinner and drinks


Blacktap Dubai

Warning: you’ll always want to arrive at Black Tap with an empty stomach. You might also want to do a couple of laps before you’ve sat down, just to ensure you’ve got enough room in your stomach to really and truly sample everything this restaurant is capable of. 

Black Tap’s full name is Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes and it takes the term ‘craft’ to new levels of impressiveness. Think of shakes bigger than your head and sizzling burgers that you’d reasonably share but realistically keep for yourself. Its drinks menu is also a great shout before venturing off to your next destination.

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro’s vast wine list is well known and enjoyed throughout Dubai. Perfect if you’re looking for some incredible Italian food paired with a top wine, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro is arguably the best Italian in Dubai and holds that title very closely to its chest. 

Sure, it might not be your traditional port of call for a dinner and drinks spot but, if you’re heading out for dinner and like the potential of going somewhere afterwards, the wine list here promises to encourage those next steps in a classy location.


Treehouse is regularly called one of the best bars in Dubai and, luckily, it also serves up some pretty damn good meals. A place that comes alive in the evenings, Treehouse’s colourful menu incorporates a little of everything into a versatile selection that pleases all kinds of diners. 

It’s also somewhere that you might find yourself spending far longer than anticipated as, later in the evening, there are DJs and music. Interesting cocktails made by masterful mixologists and a backdrop overlooking the city just add to this Dubai restaurant’s impressive features.

Mama Zonia

Mama Zonia ticks multiple Dubai bucket list items off the list all at once. You’ll find this restaurant inside Pier 7, a vertical collection of drinking and dining spots offering cuisines from all around the world. Although it’s hard to pinpoint the best one, Mama Zonia definitely sits close to the top, with Peruvian, Asian and South American dishes promising a vibrant assortment of plates. 

Decorated with lush Amazonian inspiration, it’s home to a stunning view over the Dubai Marina and a fun atmosphere to match. Seafood is the speciality here, from whichever country you prefer.

The best restaurants in Dubai for vegans


Vibe combines the best of both worlds when it comes to food: not only are its portions large and its dishes flavourful, but it’s also mostly pretty healthy. Which means there’s no excuse not to dig into more food than you could possibly stomach in one go. 

For best results, you’ll arrive at Vibe in a large group, with all kinds of diners in order to make good use of the varied menu. As well as being a brilliant spot for vegans, its versatile menu makes it great for all and any kind of allergies or intolerances.

Saya Café

Saya Cafe Dubai

Saya is stunningly beautiful; a spot you’ll find yourself taking endless photos of before accepting defeat and realising that your phone will never deliver high enough quality compared to what your eyes can currently witness. This flower-filled gem of a brasserie is a hotspot for vegans in Dubai, thanks to its colourful presentation (bright pink burger buns, we’re looking at you) and mouthwatering desserts. 

The latter is probably why you’ll come to Saya: anyone with a sweet tooth is sure to find heaven in this place. Coffee and mocktails at Saya also always go down a treat, making it ideal for a vegan meal any time of day.

Tom & Serg

Tom & Serg might not be a fully vegan restaurant but it does have plenty of plant-powered dishes, making it an ideal spot for all kinds of diners. This industrial chic bar and restaurant is endlessly popular, which means you’ll almost always see people working remotely, catching up with friends or enjoying a casual date night here. 

You’ll get friendly and fast service any time of day, but where Tom & Serg truly shines is breakfast. You’ll find large portions, pristine presentation and hash browns so good you’ll never be able to replicate them anywhere else.

The best restaurants in Dubai for fine dining


Sure, you’ll find branches of Nobu all around the world, but the Dubai one is particularly impressive. Set in a stunning location on The Palm, and kitted out with all of the essentials for an unbeatable seafood dinner, Nobu Dubai is a place to impress. Innovative Japanese-Peruvian cuisine in a chic setting is exactly what you’ll find here, paired with luxurious wines and seriously polite service. 

The beauty of this place is another easy reason to visit: enjoy cocktails and Japanese tapas in the sake lounge, before heading down to the spectacular a la carte menu in the dream-like Japanese garden. Expect top of the game chefs and innovative combinations.

Ce La Vi’s dishes are so colourful, you won’t really want to eat them. But, once you’ve taken a first bite and let the contrasting flavours explode on your tastebuds, you’ll prioritise ordering more food before worrying about disrupting the presentation. 

World class food and one-of-a-kind dishes are just the start of the compliments that Ce La Vi so rightly deserves. From its incredible location in Downtown Dubai, right in front of the Burj Khalifa, to its magical atmosphere that makes everyday feel like a special occasion. Ce La Vi is one of those places that only gets better, each time you pay it a visit.


OPA leans more to the casual end of fine dining, but still justifies its place on the list mostly for its incredible attention to detail and authenticity. This famed Greek restaurant does everything traditionally, from its preparation of classic dishes right through to the odd bit of plate smashing. 

But don’t expect a raucous attitude here: dishes come served in smaller portions with artful decoration. It’s all of the charm of the Greek, infused with all of the taste and classiness of fine dining. Tender meats and zesty salads are just the beginning of the delicious menu here.


Lima Dubai

Braised octopus, squid causa, black cod anticucho… you won’t know where to start when you first take a seat at Lima. A delicious slice of Peru in the heart of Dubai, Lima’s rainbow dishes cover a little of everything in a way that’ll have you smiling every time you talk about it. 

As well as Peruvian, Latin and Central American staples, expect edible flowers, sparkling cocktails and a beautiful setting to enjoy it all in. It’s fine dining, without any of the pretence. Before you leave, explore the Lima Lounge for its majestic murals and incredible designs.

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