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What a time to launch a travel discovery business eh!  

We could have waited until the curtains lifted from the fog of Covid-19, but we decided all the amazing locations around the world need all the support they can get.  We want them to know we’re all here for them.   

We have therefore launched early and want to celebrate as many awesome places as we can.

Here’s where we need your help.  We need help to find the most instagrammable places around the world.  These can be bars, restaurants, hotels and visitor attractions (stuff to see and do).

We are looking for…

1.  Supporters to sign up to our newsletter (top right) for the latest updates

2. Locations to say YES – get me on eeep! 

3. Creators to send us locations and their content to showcase their talent

You’ll see we’ve started with London to get the ball rolling but we want to cover the world as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to help, read on.

Thank you.

Adam & Dom, eeep! Founders

May 2020

what makes a location perfect for eeep!

We are NOT a listing site for every location around the world.

There are many sites that do that very well already.

We are site that wants to show-off the thousands of truly beautiful, inspiring locations across our amazing planet.

This means your average chicken shop or BnB is OUT (sorry) but places that are worthy of a well-framed,  ‘oooo that looks nice’ picture are IN!

If you have questions or feedback on what we are choosing please get in CONTACT.


how to contribute

There are three ways to contribute, whether you are a supporter, creator or location.

To become a supporter

Simply sign up to our newsletter at the top right of the page

To suggest a location

Send us the name, a link, insta – anything really that will help us find it and review.  Use the form below.

To send us content

Use the form below and we’ll get in touch.

As we’re not a traditional listings site, we can’t guarantee everything we review or receive will get on the site.

what's in it for creators?

We’re hoping it’s not too cheeky asking for content.  Our goal is that eeep! becomes a showcase for talent and in time a potential revenue stream for Creators.  We’re also hoping Creators supporting locations will mean locations support Creators.  With that in mind…

  • Creators can have their own profile pages on eeep! featuring links, wishlist locations and more.  HERE’S AN EXAMPLE.
  • Creators can have their images marked with their copyright/logo
  • As eeep! becomes a commercial operation, we will include Creators in opportunities to create new revenue streams

how does eeep! make money

As of May 2020, it doesn’t.  Our goal right now is to support locations through these Covid times by creating a place for them to be found.

In the future, we will need to make some cash in order to fund the operation.  We envisage this happening in a number of ways – fees for locations to get extra features over and above free profiles, affiliate deals on bookings and sponsorships.  

We will actively be looking for partners so if you want to get involved, please get in CONTACT.

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