Paris is broken up into 20 arrondissements (or neighbourhoods) that are numbered to resemble the spiral of a snail shell. If you zoom out, the placement of arrondissements resembles the swirl of a snail shell, which just so happens to be one of the foods associated with the French.

The oldest café in Paris Le Procope opened in 1686, almost a century before the US was founded in 1776.

Musée du Louvre spans 73,000 square meters and houses around 35,000 artworks. If you looked at each of these pieces for 30 seconds, you’d be there for roughly 200 days.

Hélène de Pourtalès, born Helen Barbey in New York City, was the first woman ever to won a gold medal at the Olympics games (Paris Olympics Games 1900).

Many Parisians take a monthlong vacation in August, leaving the city empty.

There’s over 170+ miles of underground tunnels and chambers beyond the Catacombs.



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